If your copy sucks and you know it
clap your hands.

(and start scrolling down for a solution)

Here’s how I can help.


Landing Pages:

CTAs, long-form sales pitches, clever quips that bring the clicks for new user signups, whitepaper downloads, or whatever it is you need.

Case Studies and Blog Posts:

You give me the data/feel-good anecdotes about your company. I craft the story.  You get the credit. Everyone loves you.

Email campaigns:

No more boring subject lines. No more confusing features with benefits. No more half-assed CTAs. It’s time to close. 

Past Projects + Testimonials

He beat our email fundraiser control by 15%. We always like the idea of getting more real about the fundraiser and how it’s perceived, and this copy does a great job of that. – Caitlin Cogdill, Wikimedia Foundation

Nathan was great to work with. He has a serious talent for crafting an engaging, well-planned out story around all of the business topics he wrote on for us. I would definitely work with him again in the future! – Ryan Robinson, CreativeLive

Nathan reviewed and rewrote our landing page. We absolutely love everything he did. The right “cool” tone, great rhythm, little bit of humour, great ideas and “startup knowledge” above only “writing”. He will continue working with us! – Thomas Roehm, IDtree

Let’s work together

nmizrachi1990 at gmail dot com